Ajax Turquoise Silver Hand Bracelet
Ajax Turquoise Silver Hand Bracelet  Ajax Turquoise Silver Hand Bracelet 

Ajax Turquoise Silver Hand Bracelet

  • $1,850.00

This Bracelet is made with three silver chevron bands and a custom made bezel for the piece of Ajax Turquoise used. The stone has beautiful sky blue color blocking with a matrix. The Ajax mine is in Esmerelda, Nevada and is well known for the bi-color turquoise nuggets they produce. The bracelet has a split band that can be adjusted slightly for any adult who wears this, though I recommend that it be bought for someone with a 7" wrist size or smaller. It measures 6.3cm across the wrist, and 5cm tall. Made with care and the highest quality materials in my home studio where I have been making jewelry for over fifty years. Each piece of jewelry is hand made and one of kind, so like any piece of art, please allow for slight variation between design and the turquoise beads. I hand stamp my hallmark Jack Rabbit and sign the back of each piece with my name, and the word "handmade". A polishing cloth will be included with purchase for free.

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