Natural Stone Bear & Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace


This Bear Pendant Necklace celebrates the strength and healing energy many Native American people believe bears have. This golden brown bear cabochon is made from a single piece of natural stone, set in a custom made bezel setting. At the bottom of the bear is a handmade Blessing Feather. Each feather is hand stamped and hand cut, making each one unique. Designed to look like eagle feathers, the feather has a special meaning to the Native people of North America, one of healing and purifying. To have an eagle feather is a great honor.

Made with care and the highest quality materials in my home studio where I have been making jewelry for over fifty years. Each piece of jewelry is hand made and one of kind. I hand stamp my hallmark Jack rabbit and sign the back of each pendant with my name, the name of the Paiute Tribe, and the word “handmade”.

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